Jules Marouzeau and L’Année philologique: The Genesis of a Reform in Classical Bibliography

  • Ilse Hilbold Universität Bern, Historisches Institut
Keywords: bibliography, reform, Jules Marouzeau, L’Année philologique, scientific rivalry, tool for science, internationalization


In the early twentieth century, bibliography was subject to a large-scale reform effort, spearheaded by institutions such as the League of Nations and the International Institute on Intellectual Cooperation, which attempted to inter­nationalize scientific practices. The French Latinist Jules Marouzeau conceived his newly created bibliography L’Année philologique as a part of that move­ment. The history of the publication’s origins, which should be read in light of Marouzeau’s professional ambitions, provides a new perspective on the scientific rivalry around bibliography, a tool for science and a driver of inter­nationalization.