Who Wrote Kromayer’s Survey of Greek Warfare?

  • Roel Konijnendijk Universiteit Leiden, Netherlands
Keywords: Greek warfare, Johannes Kromayer, Adolf Bauer, handbooks, plagiarism


Johannes Kromayer and Georg Veith’s handbook on Greek and Roman war­fare (1928) has long been regarded as the epitome of older German scholarship on ancient military history. However, Kromayer’s contribution on Greek war­fare borrows extensively from Adolf Bauer’s earlier edition, written for the same series (1893). Modern scholars still cite and praise Kromayer’s text, un­aware that nearly half of it is not his. This article offers a guide to Kromayer’s handbook, showing which parts can be considered contemporary original work, and which reflect scholarship that was already 35 years old at the time.

Author Biography

Roel Konijnendijk , Universiteit Leiden, Netherlands


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