The Reception of Vernant in the English-Speaking World

  • Oswyn Murray Balliol College, Oxford, UK
Keywords: Jean-Pierre Vernant, Pierre Vidal-Naquet, altérité, mentalité, structuralism, l’imaginaire, Marxism, French Resistance, Greek rationality, Greek religion


Six Anglophone colleagues of Jean-Pierre Vernant (1914–2007) in Britain and the USA recall his influence on their lives and research: his importance for the history of mentalities and for the theory of alterity and structuralism are discussed, together with the influence of Ignace Meyerson’s theory of psycholo­gie historique. The article ends with personal reminiscences of friendship, and Oswyn Murray’s obituary from The Independent newspaper, highlighting his career in the Resistance.

Author Biography

Oswyn Murray, Balliol College, Oxford, UK